Representative Projects

Terrence A. Graham, P.E., R.P.L.S.

Senior Project Manager

Mr. Graham has 38 years of diverse design and management experience. He brings to a project team his knowledge of the regulatorsí intentions and tactics, and the ability to integrate diverse issues to provide a cohesive solution. His technical background allows him to understand and manage the technical aspects of complex projects to provide the client successful realization of current and future needs.  


M.B.A.          Management of Technology, 1981

M.Sc. ††††††††††† Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, 1975

Met.E.††††††††††† Metallurgical Engineering, 1967

Professional Registration:

Licensed Professional Engineer, 1977

Licensed Professional Land Surveyor, 1980

Corrective Action Project Manager, 1994

Experience and Qualifications:

Mr. Graham has performed closures on landfills, surface impoundments, tank systems, and accidental discharges. He has designed numerous kinds of in-situ remediation systems. He has performed significant assignments on remediation projects. He has provided project management direction and leadership for projects involving:

  • Environmental Site Assessment, Pollution Investigation and Remediation,

  • RCRA and CERCLA investigations, remediation, and closures, and

  • NPDES permitting and storm water contamination investigations.

Mr. Graham has extensive regulatory experience working with process industries to comply with RCRA requirements. He has designed and/or certified numerous primary and secondary containment structures, completed waste characterization studies, revised operating processes to minimize or eliminate waste streams, and been a significant member of various permit application teams.

Mr. Graham has worked on many special projects. One of the broadest projects was being a member of the DOE audit team for the Hanford Facility in Washington. This project included an in depth review of all RCRA and CERCLA activities and recommendations to improve technology selection and management operations.

Mr. Graham has designed numerous containment projects. Project size ranged from 100 square feet single hazard projects to half-million square feet projects encompassing characteristic and liquid wastes.

Mr. Graham has performed significant assignments on groundwater and soil remediation projects. He has performed closures on landfills, surface impoundments, tank systems, and accidental discharges. He has also designed numerous kinds of in-situ remediation systems.

Mr. Graham has managed numerous Federal, State and Municipally funded projects in Texas. He has performed engineering design on numerous water resource projects. His work includes Irrigation District facilities and potable water treatment and distribution systems including several projects with more than 200 miles of pipeline and multiple wells and pump stations.

Mr. Graham has been a consultant and expert witness for both government and private industry. His extensive project management experience includes diverse federal projects using sophisticated Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). He has written and implemented Geographical Information Systems (GIS) for real-time master planning. Utility systems (water, wastewater, and storm water) and hazardous waste monitoring requirements have successfully utilized GIS capabilities.

Mr. Graham has more than 30 years of experience in real property location and has performed surveys involving disputed property rights. He has extensive experience at surveying sites regulated under 29 CFR 1910.120 (OSHA Hazardous Environments).

Mr. Graham has performed training for various groups including: Employee Right-to-Know training (29 CFR 1200) and Hazardous Waste Operations training (HAZWOPER) under 29 CFR 1910.